Friday, May 7, 2010

Love myself, Mean it

Cosmo Tip of the Day says:

If your vibrator battery dies - why not try the new MyVibe iPhone app?

Apparently this baby has:

• Bigger start/stop button
• Variable speeds and intensity
• Pulsing action
• Video playback while vibrating (?!)
• Music playback while vibrating
• A laser show...

(according to Gizmodo)

All I have to say is - This is just horrifying.

I mean, I'm all for vibrators and a woman's right to know her own pleasure but an iPhone application. Really? Really??

In other similar news: The world's largest beaver dam was discovered in northern Canada. It is about 9 football fields long and can be seen from space.

Love you, mean it


The MyVibe vibrator application can be found at

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