Monday, June 7, 2010

Nude As The News

While Barton is off jet-setting round the world - I am home in sunny (humid??) E-Bay California suffering through finals. One more week (and a half) and I'm done. Gawwhhdd - I can't wait for vacation...

But enough about me, here are some of the most exciting things happening right now in the world of fashion (in my humble opinion):

Iman wins the Fashion Icon award while Sarah Jessica Parker will be honoring the late Alexander McQueen at the CFDA Fashion Awards TONIGHT
DailyFrontRow predicts who will win.

Urban Outfitters scolded for selling an "Eat Less" t-shirt. YIKES.

is so close I can taste it.
Where is Bill? When will the werewolves show up? Inquiring minds want to know!

Love you, mean it


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  1. UO had no way to win. Eat less, you're encouraging eating disorders. Eat more, you're supporting obesity. I guess they should have made it say "Eat moderately."