Monday, August 31, 2009


Oh, Jessica Stam.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...





New shoot by Eric Guillemain in the A/W 09 issue of Vs magazine. Go to yee local periodical shop and buy it. Like yesterday...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anna on Letterman

I'd like to think of myself as a fashionable person... But seriously? Anna Wintour scares the shit out of me. Here she is this past week on Letterman. Part One and Two...

Part One:

Part Two (post commercial break):

This is all in relation to her new documentary about being the Editor in Chief of the September issue of the American Vogue called September Issue, funnily enough.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Look at These Hasbeens

"A Hasbeen is tired. Tired of being branded as a categorized targetgroup. Tired of being analyzed and increasing profits of corporations" (What is a Hasbeen?).

So I was talking with my friend the other day about these "fabulous" shoes called Swedish Hasbeens that she just got. I was intrigued by the name to say the least being a fan of all things that "have been." Then a few days later on saw them on one of my favorite blogs. And I was like "What the what? Is it in the water?!" Upon perusing the website I can see what all the fuss is about. I love these shoes and you should too.

The Story:

"Her name was Anita and she was the hottest mum in all of southern Sweden in the 1970’s. While smoking Camel she screamed at her kids until her curlers fell out and just looked fabulous in her white high-heeled clogs.

One summer day in 2006 we found the shoes she wore (300 pairs of red, white and black beautiful clogs from the 70’s) in the basement of an old clog factory in the neighboring village and brought them to Stockholm. So for all these people that shared our love for Anita’s wooden shoes and for ourselves we started Swedish Hasbeens.

Our ambition is to continue to release more incoherent and fun shoes and stuff inspired by Hasbeens that once ruled the planet" (Good Things Never Die).

Swedish Hasbeens are a fan of all things 70's. All of their clogs (or Toffels), boots, handbags and belts are inspired by the 70's. They were the number one trend of the year in Sweden in 2008 and have taken the world by storm since then selling in over 15 countries.

Despite not being vegan - they are environmentally conscience. "They are still handmade with respect for people and the environment in the same small Swedish factory since the 1970's. Our production methods and material are kind to nature and people. Happy toffels make happy people" (about). They are also said to last a lifetime (if properly pampered).

Please, please kind Sweds make me a vegan toffel soon. My life just may depend on it.

Love you, mean it


P.S. their photos make me want to watch Royal Tenenbaums. anyone else??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bondage A-Go-Go

All things bondage, leather, cut-out and studded seem to be making their way into Fall fashions. You may recall the obvies connections that CAG made from a while back. Here are some hand-picked looks for the tough gals of autumn:

This look is bondagey while still maintaining its sweetness. This shirred-sleeve dress by Givenchy is worn by San Francisco's own Vanessa Traina and borrowed from a blog called Rackk and Ruin.

For a similar look to fit the budget try this H&M jumper with the straps crossed frontwards instead of backwards.

If you've got some extra duckets you may want to toss them at these beauties featured in the September issue of Elle:

Killer cut-out stilettos by Jil Sander, Gucci and Devi Kroell respectively.

If you can't currently break into your piggy-bank but you still crave the fall look, try these lifts by Urban Outfitters:

Above studded sallies by Deena & Ozzy. Below punctured patties by Sam Edelman (man, do I LOVE me some Sam).

Lastly, I would like to mention a little lady named Kimberly Ovitz, who has been tragically vacant from this blog as-of-yet. Kimberly enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Namely, black and white ensembles.

Kimberly is a minimalist from LA whose line carries accolades from names like Chlöe Sevigny, Alexis Bledel, Olivia Wilde and Elle magazine to name a few. She's also younger than me - bitch. This perfect fall cut-out dress named "Maxine" is available on shopbop. It belongs to Ovitz's Fall 09 collection which you can check out here.

CAG over and out, hoping you find the S&M in you this autumn.

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Currently listening to "Eusebio" by Giulia y los Tellarini.

P.S. The Deena & Ozzys featured above are VEGAN :) Just a little FY-Izzle...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Music Go Music

If you love ABBA...

Can I have everything about this video? And yes. Its contemporary.

for info.

love YOU, mean it.


Crocodiles Everywhere Breath a Sigh of Relief...

Three days ago, Jean Paul Gaultier announced that he would be leaving Hermés as the creative director after the Spring 2010 show in October.

Gaultier replaced personal fav, Martin Margiela, 6 years ago and has been rockin' it since.

You may remember a post we made a while ago about the economic halo around Hermés? Hermés is one of those magical labels that isn't seeing the profitary whoosh down the toilet most designers are seeing. Profits on their leather goods have risen over 33% and ready-to-wear has risen over 12% in the second quarter (according to The Cut). Their crocodile bags have been so popular they have started their own croc farm (as you may, or may not recall) in Australia.

Who will take over for Jean Paul? What will Jean Paul do post Hermés? Maybe he wants to make his icky perfume smell better, or save crocadillians all over the world, or MAY-bee he wants to become a belly dancer? History will tell.

Love you, mean it


Thursday, August 20, 2009

way to go on the go

Oh. How I love a good Taco Truck. What would I do after too much sparkling wine or one too many dirty martinis without a good corn tortilla, beans, some meat (sorry, Em) and avocado?? Since I have moved to the Mission, I have been feeling a bit, well, sick of Mexican food. I know! I know! It doesn't get much better than a naturally gluten free Taco. So hear me out...

In my effort to find some new on-the-go eats, I've been doing some research and everyone and their mom is talking about street food, late night eating, and of course, how to get a bang for your buck.

Lets go back to the very beginning: the truck.

Opening a restaurant during a recession when the Venture Capitalists and bankers go into hibernation is nearly impossible and more often than not, people close their doors rather than open them. The next thought as of late has been buying a food truck and a getting a permit to sell food on the street. Oh! Ya! Seems easy. But it is still a difficult process. Permits. Permits. Laws. Parking. So why is with this trend? Why now? And who is jumping on the taco truck?

The local summer food festivals start are revolving around street food to embrace the trend.

In the next two weeks we've got:


Some local favorites including Absinthe, and Ritual Coffee Roasters will be in attendance SF Street Food, and tons of local greats are going to convert themselves into street food vendors.

And then:

Eat Real
, will reside in Oakland's Jack London Square and is brought to us by Anya Fernald the same person and coordinators as last year's successful Slow Food Nation. It seem contridictory that the one who was so heavily publicizing the importance of slow food is now putting together the antithesis. She says in an article in the SF Business Times by Sarah Duxbury, “Slow Food was always very limiting for me because I didn’t think the philosophy was very relevant for a lot of people,” said Fernald, "for whom changing the food supply is an explicit goal." And the article sums it all up by saying, "By nature, it tips toward the affordable, and it’s both convenient and fast."

A 7x7 article by Jessica Battilana wrote about these trends:

"At year’s end, when the food trend articles start rolling in, I suspect street food will top the list—thus far, carts, trucks and Twitter feeds have all but dominated the culinary landscape."

A weekly happening that is tipping the scales is Mission Street Food. Every Thursday a Mission District Chinese restaurant, Lung Shan Restaurant, is converted into a gourmet restaurant featuring a new chef and a new menu every week. The profits are donated to charities that focus on feeding the hungry.

This weeks menu provided by Fred Sassen of Farallon looks like this:

House Made Charcuterie: Spicy Coppa, Bresaola, Tuscan Salami. Served with home made ciabatta and Guiness Whole Grain Mustard - $8

Scallop Ceviche
: lemon-cucumber granita, edamame puree, fresh tortilla - $8

Mediterrenean Octopus Confit
: Shaved Garlic, Picked Thyme, Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $10

Dungeness Crab Roulade
: Hass Avocado, Levain croutons, Tomato Vinaigrette - $11

Chili Braised Pork Cheeks:
sweet creamed corn, marinated cherry tomatoes, piccolo fino basil - $7

Rare Beef Salad
: aged prime angus ribeye, seared cherry tomato, wasabi creme fraiche, basil oil, yucca crouton, katsuobushi - $9

King Trumpet:
mushroom, triple fried potato, garlic confit, and scallion sour cream on a homemade flatbread - $6

Fig-Vanilla Sundae
: Vanilla Ice Cream with house made fig vinegar, black mission figs, candied almonds - $6

(umm... YUM!)

Those who are sitting tight with their budgets but seeking out ways to eat well and benefit their communities have supported these trends by default. The money, the timing and the mobility fit with how the world looks at the moment.

Even with the recession hubbub, those who want to express their art forms and share their love of food to all those who desire it (as well tap into a customer base who love a bit a mystery) are still finding creative, fun and lucrative ways to work.

love you, mean it.


Monday, August 17, 2009

APAture Runway III PHOTOS !!!

So Barton & I braved the muni system (it was soo late we took a cab) to bring you our favorites from the APAture Runway III show at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco.

I think it's safe to say our favorites were Amy M. Ho and the night's star: Battalion. Amy M. Ho had a refreshingly peculiar style that was purely for show (but in that good way). With medusa-like tentacles and outrageous hats (pictured below) Barton & I were impressed (if not by just the construction alone).

Amy M. Ho:

Our other favorite was the black & white punk-rock ballroom that was Battalion. It was tough & eco-friendly. Two things we like in our women ;) Most of the fabrics utilized were bamboo, recycled polyester, organic cotton blends and cruelty-free "peace silk" (Battalion).

"The goal of Battalion is to be the modern proveyor of green luxury. Each season, [the designers] spot out the most coveted trends and source the latest eco-friendly materials that are lifestyle enhancing and socially relevant. All of the products are designed with a perceptive eye, relentless taste and a mission to make our world a better place" (Battalion).

Battalion's Collection:

Also at the event was San Francisco's own Fashionist, an unbiast SF street style blog. We love her - even if she didn't take our pictures. :(

We had fun and promise to bring you more updates of the current Bay Area fashion scene as time & relevance allows.

Love you, mean it

Emily & Barton

Fig, Cherry Tomato & Walnut Pizza

I made this pizza last week for a dinner party I was going to with some non-vegan friends. This could also be called a bruschetta I suppose because I don't use cheese for my pizza. Vegan cheeses, although sometimes needed (cravings hurt), are mostly overrated. So if you want to make this more "pizza-y" I would recommend a handful of shredded Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack - it's my favorite mild vegan cheese.

I don't quite remember when I first made this pizza - but I love it and I think you will too. It was inspired by the abundance of fresh figs surrounding me at the market. I just had to bring some home!

Fig, Cherry Tomato & Walnut Pizza

• 1 pint fresh figs (about 10 figs) sliced in quarters or halved (depending on how chunky monkey you like it)
• 1 pint cherry grape tomatoes (with green tops cut off)
• 1/2 onion
• herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano - finely chop & sprinkle to taste)(optional)
• 2 Tbsp fresh basil chopped
• one medium head of broccoli chopped
• 1/2 c of walnuts chopped
• 4(ish) Tbsp olive oil
• 1/2 tsp brown sugar
• salt & pepper to taste
• balsamic vinegar (optional)
• pizza crust of choice (I used Alvarado St.)

Start with caramelizing the onions in a frying pan with 2 Tbsp of olive oil, brown sugar and a bit of salt. Preheat your oven to 350˚ and line a cookie sheet with tinfoil.

When onions look a little brown on edges, add tomatoes & figs. You can either add the tomatoes whole or cut them in half first. Half the fun is popping them when they are cooked - it can be a little messy though ;)

Cook until the skin of the baby tomatoes gets a little wrinkley then pop the tomatoes carefully and add your fresh herbs (including basil).

While you cook the herbs in, rub the remaining olive oil into the pizza crust. I cut the crust in half because I made the other have with Mozzarella for my non-vegans.

When your sauce is thick but not watery you are ready to cook your pizza. Evenly distribute sauce over crust. Sprinkle some salt & pepper on to taste. Place broccoli around evenly and sprinkle with walnuts.

Bake pizza in your pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes or until the walnuts & broccoli look toasty & a bit brown on top. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top and garnish with more fresh basil.

Love you, mean it


Pictures from Minnesota

Here are a few snap shoots of my family reunion in Tofte, MN. We were in a cabin on Lake Superior and it was really amazing. I hadn't seen some of these folks in over 10 years. We visited Gooseberry Falls and some other state parks (name?), didn't see any moose or wolves though.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Month to Fashion Week

Hi There,

Today is roughly one month to New York Fashion Week for designers S/S 2010 collections. Not much to say beyond that. I just want to throw a little bug in your drawers to get you excited for what our lovely designers have to offer.

Here are some dates to set on your iCal:

September 11 - 18th    Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

September 18 - 22nd    London Fashion Week

September 18 - 22nd    Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

October 1 - 8th    Paris Ready To Wear Fashion Week

October 9 - 16th    LA Fashion Week

October 19 - 25th    Tokyo Fashion Week

Check other dates at

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Square Project

I don't often prosthelytize on CAG - oh wait, yes I do.  Anyway, I came across this on the interweb and I think it's totally amazing and worthy of throwing a few dollars at.

Tara St. James is not just another designer trying to get to NY Fashion Week.  She's a math nerd trying to get to fashion week...

"My first collection will be study of shapes in relation to the human form, starting with the square. This collection will comprise of 9 styles (a square number, of course), offered in 2 colors each. Each style will be sewn, folded, shaped and manipulated differently, but none will be cut or compromised.  The goal is to create a sustainably developed collection that can be worn in several different ways, using the most basic shape possible" (Tara St. James).

Progress of her project will be updated on her blog.  You can also check out her site on etsy.

Love you, mean it


If We Lived in Denmark...

...We'd be at Copenhagen Fashion Week!

What's this you say? Fashion weeks are usually only relegated to those fashion elite and press monkies? NOT in Copenhagen. Copenhagen has the weekend set aside for the people. "Copenhagen Fashion Weekend is fashion week for the people. You can find events, shows and activities during the fashion week that are open to the public" (copenhagenfashionweekend). It's about time they let us plebeians into something.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vegan Yum Yum

A girl at school told me about this website last week and I haven't been able to get enough of it.  I also haven't been able to get off my ass and make something from it but I thought I should tell you about it anyway.

Vegan Yum Yum is a food blog run by the illustrious Lolo of Boston, MA.  She has currently quit her "day job" to write a cook book, takes pretty much the most amazing vegan food porn I've ever seen AND has only been vegan for four years.  What have I been doing these 7 1/2 long years?  Not writing a cook book that's for sure, that's for dang sure.  She doesn't use any beets, garlic or anything pickled in her recipes.  Which is great for my dosha (i.e. current eating experiment)!  I'd be jealous if I weren't so damn hungry.

These are some recipes hand-picked by CAG just for you ;)

Her marzipan knitted cupcakes have even been featured on Martha Stewart, and you know how much we both love Martha.

Aight. I have to go eat something right now. This site is giving me a food boner. Good thing it’s vegan ;)

Love you, mean it