Friday, August 14, 2009

The Square Project

I don't often prosthelytize on CAG - oh wait, yes I do.  Anyway, I came across this on the interweb and I think it's totally amazing and worthy of throwing a few dollars at.

Tara St. James is not just another designer trying to get to NY Fashion Week.  She's a math nerd trying to get to fashion week...

"My first collection will be study of shapes in relation to the human form, starting with the square. This collection will comprise of 9 styles (a square number, of course), offered in 2 colors each. Each style will be sewn, folded, shaped and manipulated differently, but none will be cut or compromised.  The goal is to create a sustainably developed collection that can be worn in several different ways, using the most basic shape possible" (Tara St. James).

Progress of her project will be updated on her blog.  You can also check out her site on etsy.

Love you, mean it


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