Monday, August 17, 2009

APAture Runway III PHOTOS !!!

So Barton & I braved the muni system (it was soo late we took a cab) to bring you our favorites from the APAture Runway III show at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco.

I think it's safe to say our favorites were Amy M. Ho and the night's star: Battalion. Amy M. Ho had a refreshingly peculiar style that was purely for show (but in that good way). With medusa-like tentacles and outrageous hats (pictured below) Barton & I were impressed (if not by just the construction alone).

Amy M. Ho:

Our other favorite was the black & white punk-rock ballroom that was Battalion. It was tough & eco-friendly. Two things we like in our women ;) Most of the fabrics utilized were bamboo, recycled polyester, organic cotton blends and cruelty-free "peace silk" (Battalion).

"The goal of Battalion is to be the modern proveyor of green luxury. Each season, [the designers] spot out the most coveted trends and source the latest eco-friendly materials that are lifestyle enhancing and socially relevant. All of the products are designed with a perceptive eye, relentless taste and a mission to make our world a better place" (Battalion).

Battalion's Collection:

Also at the event was San Francisco's own Fashionist, an unbiast SF street style blog. We love her - even if she didn't take our pictures. :(

We had fun and promise to bring you more updates of the current Bay Area fashion scene as time & relevance allows.

Love you, mean it

Emily & Barton

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