Friday, August 7, 2009

Whatever Martha

I'm pretty much convinced there are two teams of people in the world. Those that love Martha Stewart and those that love Oprah (side note: spellcheck says I spelled "Oprah" wrong - get a clue spellcheck! She has more power than you ever will!). 

I, and I think Barton agrees with me on this, am on Team Martha. It started out in this ironic way. Seeing her TV movie-of-the-week, it was hilarious how bitchy she was. And you know me, I love me some bitches. So I grabbed some popcorn and the oh-no-she-did-ents and started watching Martha.

Bitch is genius.

Although at this point I think she just borrows other people's ideas for things.

Que Alexis Stewart, Martha's daughter.

When I was in New Jersey I caught this show called Whatever Martha.  Okay, get this: This is a show all about making fun of Martha Stewart, done by her very own daughter.  It's sort of Mystery Science Theatre-esque and it's frigging hilarious.  I almost could not stop myself from peeing uncontrollably all over the place while watching it.  Oh yeah, and I laughed pretty hard too.

Watch this clip about making smores.

This only makes me love you more Martha.  Now lemme go to Michael's and buy some of your amazing expensive crafting crap.  I need to make me sum paper flowers!

Love you, mean it


P.S. Did you know M.S. used to be a teen model?!?  YES way!

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