Friday, August 7, 2009

"BISQUICK? Bitch, plz."

Thoughts about the blogosphere via Bread and Honey.

"So, I just pulled the ads off the sidebar. Aside from them not generating much revenue (which I expected), I was feeling a lot of pressure to keep this thing updated as much as possible and the sad fact is I just don't have that much to say, haha! Anyone who is paying attention (and that isn't very many people, considering how many emails I get asking for baking advice) might have noticed that my former blog partner, Summer, is pursuing her own blog full time, with ads and fancy stuff like that. It's her job, I guess- but the thing is, this blog is NOT my job, and it probably never will be. I have a "real" job, working weekends at a small cafe, I'm a full-time mother, and I do a shitload of freelance work, which means I'm basically working all day, every day. (Oh yeah, I babysit, too.) So, if a week goes by and I realize I haven't updated this thing, I don't want to feel weird about it, like I should just throw something up to keep my hits level so I keep generating ad revenue- that's wack. Plus, it's an ad network so occasionally I get these emails asking me to contribute to some weird Betty Crocker website with like, "Your favorite Bisquick recipes!" and I'm all, "BISQUICK? Bitch, plz." I don't cook like that, sorry. My focus here has always been on making shit from scratch, because it's more fun, more interesting to read about, and better for you. The more focused I am on my health, the less interested I am in eating stuff from a box. So, as pumped as I was to be invited into a fancy ad network, I'm wussing out.

Anyway. I'm making sushi later. You'll probably hear all about it."

I was looking for inspiration this morning and oddly enough, here it is. Lets never break up, Em...and write till we die.

love you, mean it.


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