Thursday, May 28, 2009

Furry Things

Anna Wintour, quite possibly one of the most influential voices in fashion, voiced her opinion about fur on 60 Minutes a little over a week ago.

In case you don't know who she is, Anna Wintour is the editor in chief of American Vogue. A documentary called "September Issue" (about the making of the September issue) is due out in, you guessed it, September.

To hear my & Tim Gunn's opinion about fur go here.

Love you, mean it


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot Dog!

As a writer of a food/fashion inspired blog I find a necessity to cross the streams sometimes.  So when I find photos that incorporate both I have to post them.  This picture from Bernhard Willhelm's spring 09 line inspired these random thoughts about hot dogs...I have a pair of black keds but I was thinking how nice it would be to have a pair of white ones for the summer but these hot dog shoes from Zazzle would do the trick!

I've always loved fake food.  This crocheted hot dog from etsy is pretty awesome.   I think it would go better with a crocheted baked potato though.

This button is making me pretty hungry for a veggie dog.  The best veggie dogs in the East Bay come from Top Dog.  My favorite ones are only available at the 51st location sadly.

It's lunchtime can you tell?

Anyway, hotdogs rule - they are portable - quick and the perfect summer food!  My boyfie and I can be caught eating "beanies n' weinies" at least once a week.  What's your favorite recipe for hot dogs?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Love you, mean it


p.s. title of the blog inspired by this. where i want to be

The Outfits and the Lamps. ahh. Makes me so happy.

love you, mean it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Apparel, a Boat Too Far?

No one denies that American Apparel ad's are sex driven.  Sex sells right?  It also tows the "good cause" line because all of its wears are made in the USA.  With such slogans as "Legalize LA" one might even think by shopping there they might be saving the world (extremely similar to the party line for Whole Foods Market).  But this time American Apparel has gone too far.  Or have they made the next logical step?

American Apparel has just come out with buttless tights...

And for some reason I can't really even rationalize why you would wear these?  I mean I GET the thong thing.  No one wants VPL.  But tights don't have seams that you can see?!  Why oh why would you need these?  I can even picture chaffing in jean skirts (ouch!).

Well, you can't buy these assless wonders quite yet.  I pray marketing will see their error before they make a laughing stock of themselves.

Buttless tights indeed...

Love you, mean it


p.s.  I'm a hypocrite you realize.  I know AA's line with what my sister would only call "cultish" status.  And pretty much any day of the week I can be seen wearing at least one article of their clothing.  So, I just wanna to be honest wich ya gurl. <3

Monday, May 25, 2009

Glass Full of Sun

What's better than spending your Memorial Day sitting poolside in your Betsey Johnson swimsuit and sipping a gin n' tonic?  Having the perfect sunglasses to go with them:  

Giant Vintage is a site dedicated to the perfect eye protectors in prices your wallet won't wilt over.  All sunglasses are only 8 - 24 dollarinis!  They have new products every week and carry both men's & women's glasses.  You don't have to look like every other H&M shoppin' fool this summer.  Be unique.  Eat a pretzel.

Love you, mean it


Thursday, May 21, 2009

red hair and up to no good

Have to write an essay.  Putting it off.  What's so great about me?

I feel like Charlie Brown.  Maybe it's coz I'm tired...  I once told my friend Loren that I would have a threesome with Charlie Brown & Linus.  Too weird?

Anyway, give me some inspiration.


Love you, mean it


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what i've been doing...

besides working my tail off, I've been trying to document my study adventures and finding beauty in everyday. not much cooking or baking going on in my life...looking forward to summer.

love you, mean it.


I've got a soft spot...

...for lady singers.
laugh it out, girl.

the outfit above reminded me of Emily...
she doesn't wear much white, but something about that scarf and belt combo.

I love Emiliana, but I might just have to kill her for that brown dress.


st. vincent

picture for Clash magazine
Her sweet curls remind me of one said roommate...

picture by alessandro fabbri
This picture makes me so happy.

They've got this folksy earthy carefree but put together look.

I'm back!

Love You, Mean It.


One Suit to Rule Them All

Here I sit at my computer diligently gazing into the fluoresced glow of my imac in a pair of cheap monday jeans.  Why am I wearing jeans?  Because Wednesday I have to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn.  Because they make my ass look bangin.  And because Coco Chanel says it's okay.

You bitches seriously don't know how lucky you have it.  Look down, are you wearing pants?  Well thank you Coco.  Simply put, back in the day, Miss Chanel made it okay for women to wear pants.  How did she accomplish this wonderful, equaling act?  I have no effing clue.  But they're making a movie about it.

And just in case you haven't seen it yet:

Miss Audrey Tautou as Miss Coco Chanel.  I don't think heaven could make a better match.

Including pants, Chanel now makes a wide variety of suits, see-thru handbagstennis rackets, jewelry, scarveshandguns and even bicycles.  Wtf Dan - why don't I have a Chanel bike yet?

Love you, mean it


p.s.  the trailer is in French, pretend you can understand.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I like almonds.

Apparently she does too.

I think this picture is hot and it fits in with my headgear fetish.
Hope it inspires you today.

Love you, mean it


picture taken from Getty images

Strawberry Coconut Scones

As promised, I finally made those vegan strawberry coconut scones I mentioned earlier.  They didn't turn out exactly how I pictured them in my head, but they are really good and are getting rave reviews.  

I used strawberries from Swanton Berry Farm again and they are by no means almost gone.  So I'm sure there will be more strawberry recipes before the summer is over (my boyfriend swears I'm trying to make him fat).  And what better way to savour the summer than to bake with what's in season?

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Scones
Recipe brought to you by the Post Punk Kitchen

2 1/2 c white whole wheat flour
2 tbsp natural cane sugar
2 tbsp brown sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/3 c vegan butter substitute (I used Earth Balance)
1/2 c strawberry soy yogurt (I used Vanilla Wildwood soy yogurt)
1/2 c mashed up or pureed strawberries
3/4 c plan soy coffee creamer (I used Silk)
3/4 c rolled oats
3/4 c shredded unsweetened dried coconut (yeahhh, I didn't use this)
extra flour
rice milk (I used soy)
extra cane sugar

Combine the flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, and salt.  Add in your margarine chilly and still hard, in chunks.  Cut in with a pastry blender until the texture resembles coarse crumbs (I just mixed it by hand - forearms of STEEL!).

Combine the yogurt, strawberries, and coffee creamer and mix well.  Add all at once to dry mixture.  Add the oats and coconut and stir the whole thing til just moistened (Okay, so I didn't use coconut.  I just added another 3/4 c oats.  I couldn't find any coconut that looked good and was unsweetened.  Plus the extra oats made the scones super hearty).  

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and pat into a circle about 10 or so inches in diameter (I had to add more flour here because the dough was still a bit sticky). Cut into 8 triangles (like you're cutting a pizza!).

Place the scones onto a lightly greased baking sheet.  Brush them with the rice milk, sprinkle generously with the cane sugar, and then sprinkle the coconut over the top (yet again no coconut for me).  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes (I had to bake mine for WAYYYYYY longer.  I baked mine for like 27 minutes!?  So I would check yours every 5 min after the first 12).

And enjoy!

...I know you're saying to yourself "I wouldn't eat my scone with oregano!?"  Yeah well?  I wouldn't either.  I just thought it would look nice for the picture ya jerks.  But seriously.  I ONLY get time to cook at night cause I work all day so I apologize for the sub-par pictures.  It would be awesome if my job was just to blog all day and take pics of the awesome delicacies I create alas, I work a 9 to 5er.

Try these out and let me know what you think or the addendums you made.

Love you, mean it


pictures from here and from my kitchen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Didn't Tina Turner Sing That Song?

This video is MUCH sexier than I remember it being. But it's how I feel today. I just got awarded a lovely scholarship from school.

I'm so excited :)

Love you, mean it


Once My Sh*t Gets Crackin'

Dunno who this little genius is who came up with this tattoo but I love it...

Vegan brethren unite!

Love you, mean it


Friday, May 15, 2009

I hate the whole thing

Okay.  I have a f*cking run in my stockings and I'm pissed.  Also I read an article today that pissed me off (on many levels) which I may write about later...

Here are two things that make me happy:


I hope these two things dominate your summer like white on rice.

Love you, mean it


p.s. watch for the merch girl in the video ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Tortoise or The Hare?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  A clothing company that might just skate the line between fashion brilliance and political sanctity. Addressing two of the most important issues in fashion:

01) Why do “experimental ideas only exist in the high-priced.. realm?”

02) Why is it that massive chain stores provide only “trickle down basics?”

Slow and Steady “catalogue(s) ideas that are focused on a specific and fundamental characteristic of clothing design.” They use simple, basic fabrics to make their pieces affordable and a lot of times vegan.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve some of their goals of the art form of fashion they only make 100 of each design. All designs are made to stand the test of time (see Slow Fashion) and redirect the wasteful nature of trendiness.

I just want to quote their whole page I feel so passionate about it. It’s pretty much what I’ve been looking for in fashion: a politically conscious vision in fashion-forward design.

Also, I want these so much I might crap my pants...

Wedges "covered entirely of natural, unbleached canvas." You may also find them here.

Love you, mean it


all quotes come from slowandsteadywinstherace.

You Think it's Like This, But Really it's Like This

Finished the epic project of making those Rodarte rip-offs.  The holes are a bit bigger than I wanted but oh well they still look pretty awes.

The picture is kinda blurry, but in that cool way. Shut up! I'm trying to be "artsy."  They are worn with some Sam Edelman-esque heels by Mossimo for Target.  The t-shirt is from Urban.  Necklaces (which are barely visible) are Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Love you, mean it


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colour Me


Your hair.

This color.


Love you, mean it


picture taken from here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Make it Tight

So I don't know what happened.  One day I was cutting holes in the bottoms of all my tights so my feet could roam free.  The next I was trapping my toesies in with adorable prints.  AND I can't get enough.  

I roam the streets in search of cuter & cuter tights.  I need more.  It's an addiction.  Maybe I need an intervention... Or just another pair of tights.

Recent purchases include (but are not limited to):

Urban's Either/Or tights (they make your legs look SOOO skinny).

American Apparel's back seam tights in black.

and Mod Cloth's peacock tights in brown.

Recently, I found these brilliant designers called les queues de sardines.  

But all their stupid sites are in french!  And I'm an ignorant american who hasn't learned another language yet.  But I really need these.  And I'm really not sure how much 37,00 € is?

French translation needed Erin!

Love you, mean it


all pictures taken from upfactory, les queues de sardines, and trendygirl.

I'm just sayin'

Remember that time that you were wearing these scarves, like, years ago?

youuu trend setter you.

...just giving credit where it is due.

l.y., m.i.


Monday, May 11, 2009

re: Life is too Short to Wear Boring Things

If you wear the bandeau...I'll wear these:

team work, baby!

love you, mean it.


Dress in Monochrome

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling bad....

When you're having a less-than-fabulous day you don't have to reflect it in what you're wearing.  I like to dress up on Tuesdays because they are my least favorite days of the week (work wise VERY busy).  I'm always drained emotionally at the end of the day but at least I look great - and sometimes that is the thing that keeps me sane.

Enter one of the happiest dressers in the world: Fred Butler.

Fred Butler is a UK based art director, props stylist and accessories designer for her label Bespoke.  "She works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one-off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of a shoot.  Her work is characterised by the inclusion of everyday object to create a kitsch yet elegant aesthetic" (from her blog).

One of my favorite things about her is that she tends to dress in monochrome. "The fundamental thing is that I dress in monochrome.  From the coat and bag to the socks and underwear.  I wake up and feel a colour, there is no order, rhyme or reason" (Fred Butler for dazeddigital).

For some reason dressing in monochrome just makes her seem that much happier & light-spirited.  So my fashion challenge to you is the next time you are having a case of the mean reds, dress in monochrome.  Your day might just be that much sunnier because of it!

"Occasionally I don’t have inspiration and I have to sit in my dressing gown and wait which is very inconvenient if I have to be somewhere! The other major factor is that I wear clothes to put me in a good mood and enjoy a day. I wear strong colours to brighten up the gloom of modern city life. It provokes a mixed reaction of either smiles in appreciation or jeers from the stereotypical small-minded souls. Oh and lastly I don’t ever tend to feel over dressed. I would always rather opt for over rather than under.  Why wait for special occasions?!  Every day should be celebrated!" (Fred Butler for dazeddigital).

Love you, mean it


all photos taken from dazeddigital, fred butler's blog, fred butler's website.  inspiration taken from diane pernet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Things

Okay, I'm not trying to sound like a jackass but I like to wear weird shit.  Life is too short to wear boring things.

Lately, I've decided I do not have enough slutty clothing.  I went shopping yesterday with the sole intension of buying some short skirts.  I walked around UO yesterday saying "Where is all the slutty shit?" aloud to myself.  The berkeley co-eds looked at me in disgust or envy I'm not sure which.  But I need some slutty gear yo!  Not Forever 21 slutty but like American Apparel slutty or Katy Perry slutty.

FINALLY, I stumbled across this black ruffled bandeau little number.  It's under the bra & undies section of the UO website.  BUT eff that!  I'm wearing it.  I'm wearing it out and about.  And it's gonna rule....  

Umm....  Where do I wear such a thing?

Home to New Jersey to visit with my boyfriend's parents?

Or maybe boating with friends?

I'm thinking of pairing it with a high-waisted number and vamping around a party.

I dunno.  I'm picturing red.  What do you think?  Person who comes up with the best idea wins some pretzels (gluten-free and/or vegan).  For realsies.

Love you, mean it


This post is dedicated to my mom who made me my first slutty outfit.  Thanks mom.  That daisy halter top will live long in infamy.  You rule.

Friday, May 8, 2009

TO DO list:

Summer is approaching! I should be writing an essay. But alas! I procrastinate:

I've got to be held accountable for these things I say I am going to do. One of my favorite bloggers, (wrote about her a couple weeks ago) has an adorable list of crafty things she is going to do.

Here is Mine:

(starting with things I have said on this blog that I want to do)

Recipe for vanilla-berry scones/muffins
Facebook/Twitter Situation
Sew a Dress
Taper my Diesel Jeans
Make a Bag
Paint my Bookcase
Make Jar Lanterns
Potty Train My Cat (yes. really.)
JUNE SUNDAYS WITH EMILY (includes taking pictures, hanging out in golden gate park, wine tasting...what else, lady?)
Pickle Pickles and such.

I will be adding to this list. :)

If this isn't enough summer inspiration....

love you (miss you), mean it.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Gato

By the way it's my cat's birthday today.   

Her name is Madeline:

Send all presents care of Emily Barton. 

She likes salmon, cat nip and all things made by ChloĆ©...  Okay that last one was about me but whatever...

Love you, mean it