Friday, May 8, 2009

TO DO list:

Summer is approaching! I should be writing an essay. But alas! I procrastinate:

I've got to be held accountable for these things I say I am going to do. One of my favorite bloggers, (wrote about her a couple weeks ago) has an adorable list of crafty things she is going to do.

Here is Mine:

(starting with things I have said on this blog that I want to do)

Recipe for vanilla-berry scones/muffins
Facebook/Twitter Situation
Sew a Dress
Taper my Diesel Jeans
Make a Bag
Paint my Bookcase
Make Jar Lanterns
Potty Train My Cat (yes. really.)
JUNE SUNDAYS WITH EMILY (includes taking pictures, hanging out in golden gate park, wine tasting...what else, lady?)
Pickle Pickles and such.

I will be adding to this list. :)

If this isn't enough summer inspiration....

love you (miss you), mean it.


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