Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F*ck Loads of Diamonds

I am the kind of person who sees something and says "hmm, how can I make that myself?"  well the young miss at parkandcube also does just that... 

Remember those fabulous leggings from Rodarte's spring/summer 2009 collection?  Yeah, I do too.  But if you had one too many taquitos this morning I brought along a picture to jog your memory:

Stunning aren't they?

If you were also like me, you didn't want to pay 8 squillion dollars for them (the preferred denomination of squids and chameleons alike).  Well, parkandcube gives directions how to DIY and make it til you break it.

The directions seem relatively straight-forward and I look forward to spending long wine-induced hours craning away over this project (I get a little obsessed).  Make your own and send me pictures.  Or just send them to parkandcube and tell her how rad she is.

Love you, mean it


all pictures taken from parkandcube and presseboutique.

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