Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Apparel, a Boat Too Far?

No one denies that American Apparel ad's are sex driven.  Sex sells right?  It also tows the "good cause" line because all of its wears are made in the USA.  With such slogans as "Legalize LA" one might even think by shopping there they might be saving the world (extremely similar to the party line for Whole Foods Market).  But this time American Apparel has gone too far.  Or have they made the next logical step?

American Apparel has just come out with buttless tights...

And for some reason I can't really even rationalize why you would wear these?  I mean I GET the thong thing.  No one wants VPL.  But tights don't have seams that you can see?!  Why oh why would you need these?  I can even picture chaffing in jean skirts (ouch!).

Well, you can't buy these assless wonders quite yet.  I pray marketing will see their error before they make a laughing stock of themselves.

Buttless tights indeed...

Love you, mean it


p.s.  I'm a hypocrite you realize.  I know AA's line with what my sister would only call "cultish" status.  And pretty much any day of the week I can be seen wearing at least one article of their clothing.  So, I just wanna to be honest wich ya gurl. <3


  1. haha! brian vann JUST posted this on my facebook. my only comment... why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

  2. always pushing the envelope those AA folks. I concur- this makes NO sense. but damn...look at her ass.