Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Make it Tight

So I don't know what happened.  One day I was cutting holes in the bottoms of all my tights so my feet could roam free.  The next I was trapping my toesies in with adorable prints.  AND I can't get enough.  

I roam the streets in search of cuter & cuter tights.  I need more.  It's an addiction.  Maybe I need an intervention... Or just another pair of tights.

Recent purchases include (but are not limited to):

Urban's Either/Or tights (they make your legs look SOOO skinny).

American Apparel's back seam tights in black.

and Mod Cloth's peacock tights in brown.

Recently, I found these brilliant designers called les queues de sardines.  

But all their stupid sites are in french!  And I'm an ignorant american who hasn't learned another language yet.  But I really need these.  And I'm really not sure how much 37,00 € is?

French translation needed Erin!

Love you, mean it


all pictures taken from upfactory, les queues de sardines, and trendygirl.

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