Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Things

Okay, I'm not trying to sound like a jackass but I like to wear weird shit.  Life is too short to wear boring things.

Lately, I've decided I do not have enough slutty clothing.  I went shopping yesterday with the sole intension of buying some short skirts.  I walked around UO yesterday saying "Where is all the slutty shit?" aloud to myself.  The berkeley co-eds looked at me in disgust or envy I'm not sure which.  But I need some slutty gear yo!  Not Forever 21 slutty but like American Apparel slutty or Katy Perry slutty.

FINALLY, I stumbled across this black ruffled bandeau little number.  It's under the bra & undies section of the UO website.  BUT eff that!  I'm wearing it.  I'm wearing it out and about.  And it's gonna rule....  

Umm....  Where do I wear such a thing?

Home to New Jersey to visit with my boyfriend's parents?

Or maybe boating with friends?

I'm thinking of pairing it with a high-waisted number and vamping around a party.

I dunno.  I'm picturing red.  What do you think?  Person who comes up with the best idea wins some pretzels (gluten-free and/or vegan).  For realsies.

Love you, mean it


This post is dedicated to my mom who made me my first slutty outfit.  Thanks mom.  That daisy halter top will live long in infamy.  You rule.


  1. you are my hero. sluts rule the world!

  2. best idea for what?? you already win. Bandeau and Skirt = fucking hot. yeah. for REALSIES. go get yourself some vegan pretzels. -b