Monday, May 11, 2009

Dress in Monochrome

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling bad....

When you're having a less-than-fabulous day you don't have to reflect it in what you're wearing.  I like to dress up on Tuesdays because they are my least favorite days of the week (work wise VERY busy).  I'm always drained emotionally at the end of the day but at least I look great - and sometimes that is the thing that keeps me sane.

Enter one of the happiest dressers in the world: Fred Butler.

Fred Butler is a UK based art director, props stylist and accessories designer for her label Bespoke.  "She works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one-off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of a shoot.  Her work is characterised by the inclusion of everyday object to create a kitsch yet elegant aesthetic" (from her blog).

One of my favorite things about her is that she tends to dress in monochrome. "The fundamental thing is that I dress in monochrome.  From the coat and bag to the socks and underwear.  I wake up and feel a colour, there is no order, rhyme or reason" (Fred Butler for dazeddigital).

For some reason dressing in monochrome just makes her seem that much happier & light-spirited.  So my fashion challenge to you is the next time you are having a case of the mean reds, dress in monochrome.  Your day might just be that much sunnier because of it!

"Occasionally I don’t have inspiration and I have to sit in my dressing gown and wait which is very inconvenient if I have to be somewhere! The other major factor is that I wear clothes to put me in a good mood and enjoy a day. I wear strong colours to brighten up the gloom of modern city life. It provokes a mixed reaction of either smiles in appreciation or jeers from the stereotypical small-minded souls. Oh and lastly I don’t ever tend to feel over dressed. I would always rather opt for over rather than under.  Why wait for special occasions?!  Every day should be celebrated!" (Fred Butler for dazeddigital).

Love you, mean it


all photos taken from dazeddigital, fred butler's blog, fred butler's website.  inspiration taken from diane pernet.

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