Friday, March 27, 2009


I've always had a thing for hair pieces.

(No, I'm not crying)

As a younger girl I would replay the image of the princess of Fantasia in Never Ending Story over and over again to see her frigging beautiful hair-crown-thingy.   I'll be honest.  I basically just wanted to BE her.  

I was also enthralled with this cheesy tourist trap called Greenfield Village in Detroit.  It's basically an old-timey village where you can go and watch a blacksmith or someone churn butter or some old shit like that.  There was also a millinery shop.  I would beg my parents to leave me there while they perused the Wright Brothers bicycle shop or Thomas Edison's original laboratory.  I never got to stay longer than 15 minutes with the ladies dressed in faux victorian garb making hats..  But it was enough to fall in love.

Recently, I found modern milliner's Laurel St Romain & Christopher Garbushian.  Together they make ilovefactory, a new york based hand-sewn, fashion forward, headgear company.

They were featured in Teen Vogue, New York Magazine's The Cut and Daily Candy to name a few.  Let their pictures speak for themselves...

Love you, mean it


p.s. Barton!  When are we moving to New York??

visit ilovefactory's blog or photostream. all photos taken from ilovefactory or google images.

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