Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Sweet It Is!

Most normal college students want sunshine, beaches and body shots for spring break. But I'm not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

So where do I choose to go every time I have the money and time?

BROOKLYN!! Here I am- a week later, posting about my trip. I did my best to document the stores I liked and the places I went. Pictures were taken, cards were collected and some store names were retained...but I was very distracted by all of my adventures! Here is what I could gather... Enjoy!

I saw this desk at Horsemen Antiques and Furniture in Brooklyn- this place was amazing! Three floors of furniture and housewares. I'm SURE that I didn't see everything. Most of it was in great shape. If you're looking for something specific, I bet you could find it somewhere here...

mmm.. My new favorite place to seek out in Brooklyn is Building on Bond. The ambiance of this place is IN, but it also felt like they were embarking on a new wave on interior design. The place felt solid, like it had been there for years (not sure that it has been there for more than two) and had this feeling of sustainability- meaning that it seemed like they had reused and found all that made the place and built it up even better so that it would last a very long time. Shelving and drawers line the walls, and the wall paper as some sort of craft project gone completely right. The wood felt warm and used. Two levels of seating can be risky, but an open window provided easy access to people watching. Serving beer and wine throughout the day is ideal and the food looked good from where I was sitting!

My Soy Cap. Yummers.

See? Shelves with Jars! Some of my favorite things in the whole world.

Some other great places included Larry Lawrence, a hidden bar somewhere I can't speak of (but they have a website...ha) The Roebling Tea Room, also a finely constructed space with amazing food and a drink called Wild Whiskey (whiskey sour with red wine poured over it. Uh.. YUM). Risotteria Restaurant is always a staple in my trips to New York- gluten free Italian food? So yummy. We shared the mushroom rissoto, an amamzing warm beet salad and a goat cheese pizza. Ah.. I was full for days!

So, yes. I ate my way through my trip, walked across the Brooklyn bridge and played all weekend. What more could someone ask for from a spring break?

love you, mean it.


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  1. Aww, you can see the skirt I gave you in one of the pic's! <3