Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Design For All

I had almost forgotten until a friend reminded me today:  The Alexander McQueen line for Target breaks tomorrow!  So get there early & bust out your claws ladies cause I think this shit's gonna fly!  Unfortunately, I will be working so will someone pick up a pair of those pink zigzag print zip leggings for me?  Kthxbai!

Anyway, the line is called "McQ" and the tag is "design for all."  From what I can see - the items range from $23 to $80.  A little pricey for Target I know - but maybe they are planning to include Berkeley hills housewives in their constituency now??  What will be next Donna Karen for Kohl's?  Michael Kors for Kmart?  I sort of love it.

Love you, mean it


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