Monday, March 2, 2009

Shoes: The vegan installment

My boyfriend & I were wandering around the Mission yesterday and we stopped into ShoeBiz on Valencia.  We weren't really looking for shoes but who can pass up all the awesome winter sales on cute boots?  Anyway, I was taken.  Not by boots but by a lovely pair of spring/summer flats by Frye.  Decidedly NOT vegan.  I'm seriously bummed on vegan dress shoes.  There was such promise last year when Té Casan decided to put out Natalie Portman's line of vegetarian/vegan shoes.  

But that unfortunately fizzled.  

I am also a big fan of Beyond Skin, a british company with animal compassion in mind.  These are my fav for a mere 65£ (ugg, what is that like $2000 american?).

But I can't afford these shoes, let alone a boat (which is the equivalent in my mind). There are always sites like VegShoes and MooShoes... If I want shoes that were cool, umm, five years ago.  For now I am either getting lucky seeing the random "all man made materials" logo printed on the inside of a shoe OR I am buying things used.  I had EVEN almost rationalized it in my head: "If I buy vegan shoes they don't last long.  I should buy leather for now, it's bad to buy plastics.  Maybe I should buy leather?"  This after an unfortunate turn where two pairs of vegan boots fell apart at once.  But I thought better of it and have just been searching aimlessly through the internet.  Gimme a clue people?  Where do I find some shoes that don't suck??


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  2. Have you ever checked out ?

    I think they have GREAT looking shoes and boots. PLUS, they also carry vegan accessories AND handbags!

  3. Thanks Michelle! I will totes drop in on that site!


  4. Or.... is the other site I found and really liked.