Monday, March 9, 2009

Wanna Change My Clothes, My Hair, My Face...

My friend Morgan and I have a thing.  Well, we have lots of "things." But this one in particular happened today.  Whenever we hear Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" while at work, we yell the lyrics "wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face" while simultaneously pumping our fists.  It's hilarious and often involves many stares.  It's one of my favorite Boss lyrics for many reasons.  But mostly because I feel like that some days.  It's universal to be dissatisfied with your personal appearance.  From weight, to cow-licks, to zits, to foreheads, to thighs, to tummies, to noses, to feet, we all feel the longing to change at least ONE THING about ourselves.  This lyric reminds me I'm not alone.  And neither are you...

This lyric is also what made me fall in love with Bruce Springsteen.  And I mean LOVE.  I would probably beat up his wife and take him for my own if I had the chance (sorry Dan).  He is probably one of the sexiest men of all time.  His rebel-with-a-care sense of style makes him a style icon for doods everywhere.  His typical outfit includes a white t-shirt and/or wife-beater, perfectly worn & torn jeans or cords, a flannel or stained hooded sweatshirt (and the kind of stain that's hawt, like gasolene or something - not curry or gizz), a motorcycle jacket (leather or denim) and chuck taylors (obvies!).  He looks like a tough guy who can cry.  The kind of dude you want to have on your side when someone does you wrong.  Coz he's totally gonna kick someone's ass.  As Leslie Arfin said, we don't want nerds who won't kill spiders for us, we want men.  Bruce Springsteen is a m.a.n.  Man.

Watch one of the greatest love songs of all time.  And then drool over some of my favorite pics of him circa Greetings from Ashbury Park days.

What's your favorite Boss lyric?

Love you, mean it


photos taken from photobucket & google images.


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  2. I'm unfamiliar with this one. Song please?