Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is this the END of the local boutique?

I was walking down Piedmont Ave last night finding store-front after store-front vacant or with a "closing sale!" sign posted on the door.  While that may be good for the Recessionista that is not good for my neighborhood.  I wouldn't call myself a 100% true to my neighborhood but I do try and buy local whenever possible.  Piedmont Ave is one of my favorite little slices of white bread around.  Despite it's age-conscience neighbors (it's the site of many retirement homes), and it's aforementioned whiteness, it's a neighborhood where I can buy both a bagel with vegan cream cheese and the latest issue of Fables.  It's also a stone's throw from my apartment.  I've spent many a morning into afternoon meandering along the avenue, window shopping at the local ecceltic boutiques, of which Piedmont has many.  I counted 4 recently vacated store's in as many as two weeks.

This isn't (as I'm sure you've seen) relegated to my small niche.  More and more small business owners are being forced to shut their doors.  In my area the infamous Elephant Pharmacy, Cody's Books, Mario's La Fiesta and Twenty Two Shoes closed a few months back.  Most recently Drift, a denim specialty shop is feeling the weight (or lack-there-of) of the economy and closing its doors.  I'm forced to ask, is this the end of the local boutique?

Holla back and tell me what your favorite store is that recently closed.

Love you, mean it


Drift is located at 815 Washington St. in downtown Oakland. Their closing sale is March 16 - 20 with merchandize 50 - 70% off.


  1. did you hear about the parkway??? gone by this sunday. so sad.

  2. I just heard the Parkway Speakeasy Theaters are closing TOO! The last show is this weekend!