Monday, June 20, 2011


pardon the picture posts - i've been more inspired by sounds and feelings and images recently.  so in the spirit of that i am sending you some images via the gentle waves of the internet.  a note in a bottle.  a leaf in a stream.  puddles are oceans for ants.  hope you enjoy.


"distance:  setting
There's water, cement, and a jet black shoe. There's an airplane overhead, the forced silence of its fingernail dragging along the gray chalkboard sky. There's rainclouds, there's litter, there's creamy white windshields, transparent as a stutter. There's July and August and September, and then there's now, when we're quiet behind scarves, when we can't see the rain. There's an idling car, sulking curbside, kicking exhaust. And there's us and the leaves, falling from the trees and not saying goodbye."
- Dave Gulbis

Have a wonderful today!

Love you, mean it


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