Tuesday, December 6, 2011

birthday dress.. or holiday if you'd prefer...

When searching for the perfect birthday dress I've been peeping a few places - but one of my favorites is always the runway.  A girl can dream can't she??  And as always - I check YSL first.  Wouldn't that last black sparkle drop neckline dress be perfect for a birthday?

This past November marked 50 years of the YSL brand. Even though the man himself did not live to see the brand's birthday - his husband Pierre Bergé did.  Divorced in 1976, they were re-joined in a civil union in Paris (a Pacte civil de solidarité) a few days before the designer died in June, 2008 (New York Times).

Being unable to afford an actual dress by the late designer my pursuit goes on...

Love you, mean it


R.I.P. YSL illustration done by Sophie Stephens

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  1. love this! I wish we had time to go running around the bay to find the perfect one... maybe the weekend before bday?