Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy Monday, Happy Anniversary

Spending most of the first day of the year dealing with a nasty hangover, only lead me to believe that my body needed to press a full restart button.

Running around the blogosphere has lead me to believe that 2010 was a hard year for most people. Why Mercury?? WHY!? But there is a shift in the air. Something has changed and this year is our year. Yes, you and I (and especially you) Mercury decided to rear is ugly and final head the last few days of the year and put up some serious communication challenges (this is not an astrology blog, hang in there)

This was also and epic Celebration Anniversary Gym year. Consistent, amazing posts were put up on the blog. We went through so much (finals, weddings, graduations, to say the least) and Emily and I are having our annual resolution and redefining of our mission statement tonight! Maybe a day or two late, but who cares! We're committed, baby.

I speak for myself, but I know Emily would agree that we are so grateful for you, readers, and we've been so excited to see more followers, more comments and even more ideas coming from you.

happy 2011, mean it.


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