Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Osborns Are The New Toms

Let's face it.  Toms are cool but they're pretty ugly (don't worry gurl - I wore them too).  My new boyfie (in pretends-ville) and co-founder of Osborn found a way to "combine humanitarian efforts with a fashion project" by creating Osborn shoes (osborn/about).

"Nestled in the volcanic mountains outside Guatemala City, these artisans craft shoes in a manufacturing environment dedicated to integrity and quality. All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and each shoe is assembled by hand. Osborn’s vertically integrated manufacturing practice establishes a work environment that is sweat-shop free, worker driven and brand focused. Each shoe is signed by its maker, as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker, as well as its wearer" (osborn/about).

All of the "eye-catching" prints and graphics are inspired by Guatamelan women's clothing (UO blog).  "We weave our own material now, but we used to use old flannel shirts, corduroy dresses and blankets" (Aaron Osborn via UO blog).

These cute kiks can be found online on the Osborn site, on Modcloth or at your local Urban Outfitters (among other places).

Read more about them here or here.

Love you, mean it


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