Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After I saw this mess - I thought I'd seen everything.  Until I went to Moderncat.  My new favorite/not-at-all cat blog for all things that tickle your catfancy.  For example:

In celebration of National Hairball Awareness Day (you can see where this is going can't you?), jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson brushed her babies everyday and made felted "beads" from their fur.  She created earrings, a ring and a necklace from cat fur ('scuse me I just coughed up a hairball from reading this).

I mean, they're a nice design and all - But cat fur?  I'm just not quite sure I can go there yet.  You can love your pets, just don't love your pets...  Nuff said.

Check out other pretty feline propaganda here.  For example: this!

Love you, mean it


kittens inspired by refinery 29

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