Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cat Cafe

Yet another reason why Japan is cooler than the US...

Sea of Shoes recently visited the lovely city of Tokyo as a fashion tourist. Amidst her purchasing she set aside time to stop in at a "Cat Cafe."

A Cat Cafe is sort of like a regular cafe but it's filled with cats. You can go there, purchase some caffeinated beverages and an hour's worth of pettin' kitties. Once you remove your shoes and wash your hands of course ;)

Over a dozen of these cafes have opened since 2008. Some with as many as 25 felines on the employ.

Heaven? My thoughts exactly.

Read more about Cat Cafes here.

I'm hoping some lucky so-and-so will read this and get the hint: American's would be less grumpy if they could pet cats and drink espresso. At least in my humble opinion.

Love you, mean it


pics posted via Sea of Shoes

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