Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the owls are NOT what they seem

Lately I've been crushing on the owls are not what they seem.

These cute chicas, with the rhyming names Joelle and Noel, have been writing a look-diary blog for a little over a year. I am consistently inspired by their wardrobe and their creative pictures. Not only are they super cute to look at, they also sew, altering their finds and creating accessories to fit their ensembles.

I also like their honest and humble approaches to their "look of the day" type of blog. Often times you find that school-of-blog to be shallow and completely self-obsessed. But not these compadres! In a recent post Joelle even conceded to being self-conscious about her thighs (I know the feeling gurl) even though she looked totally adorable.

I also really appreciate the fact that they aren't baby girls. These ladies are grown-ups and their style shows the elegance of someone who is experienced. I often find myself sifting through Lookbook only to find every person on the page to be under 20! As a lady approaching her 30's it's nice to know being fashionable doesn't have to mean being 17.

The owls are not what they seem also make me think of my possible future life. Sitting on a stoop in Park Slope with Barton - enjoying the sweltering heat while sipping an iced latte - yummm :)

Here are a handful of my favorite owl pics in no particular order:

These days you can also catch these girls guest-blogging for live.love.loft or simply peep their blog.

Love you, mean it


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  1. YOU NEED TO DO A LOOK CLOTHING BLOG! Your outfits are sooo cute! Seriously, like no joke, your outfits have inspired me.