Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ol' Black Magic

Lately my style guide has consisted of the phrase: Witch from the 70s.
The look is two parts hippie, one part goth
and one part renaissance fair.
And these photos make me want to channel my inner Stevie reeeel bad,
or just sell all my sh*t and go on the road
selling jewelry out of my trunk like a gypsy.
yeah, what? I said it.

I think I'm gonna meet my future now and get a black embroidered caftan... Report to follow...

love you,
mean it

Photos courtesy of cat party, bonadrag, susan saradon's fansite, cellar door photography, listal, hermes and celebration anniversary gym.

Outfit by: Jeremy's, Rit-Dye, BellJar, Rodarte for Target, H&M and Vans.

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