Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I started the day looking for "cat fashion" (that's right) and ended up here - ain't the internet grand?

"Sketchbook is a new quarterly magazine that showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with a focus on features, photography and illustration" (Sketchbook magazine About).

I started with the "Fashion Blogger Issue" (obvies!) and was hooked from there.  Mentioning blogging legends like Diane Pernet to a how-to-be the next Perez always sprinkled with the best in fashion illustration (drool) - I poured through the pages like syrup on waffles (gluten free of course!).

Also brilliantly articulated in this issue was MYKROMAG's creator Abdul Lagerfield (note to self - divine legendary name relating to fashion icon), and blogspot's little feathered friend Lulu and Your Mom (great name).

Although the mag did make me feel like I needed to be about 20 to break into this scene for realsies - age fail - I ate it up like those waffles previously mentioned (mmm hungie).

Anywuzzles, check this piece out.  It may just save your blog - or your boredom.

Love you, mean it


LOOK OUT this week for coverage of the Refinery 29 SF Launch Party!!!

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