Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily Haunt

road trip.

To Portland, Please! 

I spy on Portland via UrbanWeeds, a street style blog. 

I'm always inspired by street style blogs. 

Sometimes when I think I have nothing in my closet, someone's picture and outfit inspires me.  

I love her, and her shoes. Did you go to the farmers market in those!? My hero. 

I heart these tights.

Simple and sophisticated. 


The bag does it for me. 

She is my favorite. Gimme the bike. 

aw. look how stoked she is! Work that short skirt, girl. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!  

Keep on truckin' Em! you're almost done!

love you, mean it.


road trip pic via black eiffel, other pics via UrbanWeeds

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