Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've been avoiding walking into this shop next my my daily haunt because I knew that my bank account would suffer if I were to even browse. But as it happens every year, I need to find myself a beautiful birthday dress and determined to find one to feel comfortable wearing again seeing as though last years dress was quite memorable and it had to sit and wait for it to be forgotten (which is hard considering there were photos... woops!)

My point: I found the most beautiful dress; it fits perfectly and makes me feel like a princess...a very sophisticated princess. The shop is ADORABLE and the woman helping me (Gwen?) was on point and encouraging without being pushy. I've also had great conversations with one/the owner, Jennifer; I love her approach to business and her ability to enjoy each step in the process.

Their online shop doesn't quite do them justice, but here are some photos:

love you, mean it.


395 Valencia Street @ 15th
San Francisco

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