Monday, February 7, 2011

Have a Heart

Day 7:

One week into our experimental month of gluten free / veganism.  Today I had oatmeal for breakfast (controversial for people with actual wheat allergies) with maple syrup and black berries.  Took a really long walk after that (plus flats with no arch support = bandades) with the help of a soy latte.  Ate sushi for lunch from Manpuku and very narrowly escaped eating tempora (opps!).  Got some AHhh - wait for it - mazing jeans at Slash (it's about time someone realized girls with big bottoms often have tiny waists).  Annnnd stopped into Nabolom for a banana-walnut-chocolate muffin - yumm!  Rounding that out with some homemade pizza for dinner makes a pretty kick ass day.

AND because it's monday:

Sleigh Bells is playing at the Independant May 30th and 31st.

Love you, mean it


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