Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Wrong

Sometimes you make something so bad there are few words to describe how bad it actually is... BUT I'm going to try anyway.

I'm pretty sure this is what the natives were wearing when 
Robot Columbus parked his space boat in the new world.
Cushie Et Ochs F/W 2011

A rejected costume from the Fifth Element.
Jeremy Scott F/W 2011

Commissioned by Helena Bonham Carter to wear to the next Oscars.
Marchesa F/W 2011

Not only is this super offensive, it also looks really heavy.  
Poor little model.
The Blonds F/W 2011

Oscar the Grouch's Sexy Girlfriend:
Richie Rich F/W 2011

This picture was taken right before her hat started 
attacking the audience.
The Row F/W 2011

This look was inspired by an angry jellyfish.

Richie Rich F/W 2011

Love you, mean it


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