Saturday, December 5, 2009

24 year anniversary

I always think that its silly that we celebrate a year passing in our lives as birthdays. I know we took part in our birth, but we did not give birth to ourselves. I try to wish my parents a happy birthday and think of the day of my birth as an anniversary of my life. 24 years of experience- celebrating all that I've learned and will learn from here on. Happy anniversary to me. I have much to look forward to. 

The past week or so has looked like this: 
thanksgiving into finals prep, into birthday time, back into finals.

I'm celebrating my 24 year anniversary of life tonight by throwing a party and I'll be back to the books (or excel spreadsheets) tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a picture of my dress- which is the reason I'm throwing a party in the first place. Its always about the dress. 

Here is a bit of a preview:

details about where and who I got this dress from to follow.

Just a note about the blog: Winter break is around the corner and Emily and I will be back on more frequent and/or daily basis after this passes. Hold tight. 

love you, mean it.

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