Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Eve Inspiration

Well, if you're anything like me (you're all clones right?) you're wondering what to wear out on New Year's Eve. Sometimes I'll see a dress and buy it convincing myself that if I find the dress, the party will come. It doesn't always work that way.

This year to gather speed on the trail to find the perfect dress, I looked at photos of some of my favorite icons-of-winters-past. Here are some of my favorites paired with modern interpretations...

Eartha Kitt:

and Rodarte for Target:

$44.99 from select Target stores

Theda Bara:

Sequined Icicle Dress $118 from Nasty Gal Vintage:

Ginger Rogers:

Dress by Once Upon a Time:

$166 available from Far Fetch.

Marianne Faithful (isn't she the prettiest?):

Playsuit by my new favorite etsy shop I'm Your Present:

available on her etsy store for $92

Love you, mean it


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