Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Review

We opened our eyes this morning into a world strewn with broken bottles of
André and tumble-weaves. We rode on trains traced with the smell of stale vomit and sawdust, and we walked too far for too long in our gorgeous heels. We are almost one year old and it is a new decade. Twenty-ten. I really should have used the term "aught" more.

We, as the dynamic duo Emily Barton, made our annual trek into some quiet corner to write down our resolutions for the year. We ended up reminiscing about the year instead. As well as resolving a few things ;)

A year in review:

We ate
We sang

Overall, we were proud that we kept at least one of our many resolutions from last year: This Blog. We eased into telling people who we are, and became more proud of our writing and commitment to the blogosphere day by day. Once we figured out how to track how many people were looking at the site daily, we were excited and motivated! You like what we like! Amazing.

We are looking forward to purchasing an HTML book and taking that online course to make this space prettier (Barton) and continuing our official and prestigious fashion education (Emily.) Our general awareness of health and self is at the top of the resolution list, as well as seeing each other's faces and going out dancing more often. 

Thank you for a beautiful year. Looking forward to the next and the next. 

What did you do?

Love you, mean it

Emily and Barton

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