Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ouch! Why Must Fashion Hurt So Good!!?

I've been thinking lately about shoes. Okay- I always think about shoes...and then I think of clothing and then I think about underwear and tights and then I think about shoes.

Ms. Emily posted an awesome feature on nudes and included on of my favorite companies and the next pair of shoes that I am going to purchase. Great minds.

My big question- if one is going to spend time and effort designing a shoe and the other one is going to spend serious money on the shoe, how come they have to be so gosh darn uncomfortable?? Beauty is pain, but if you have tears running down your face while you are trying to get across a busy intersection, I have a feeling that you aren't thinking about how beautiful you are, but how crappy you feel and how much you would rather cut off your feet than walk one more block in those shoes.

With that... Some of my favorite companies that are getting on the fashion band wagon and still staying at the comfort in:

Clarks- Malibu Beach...oh how i love. The Nude or the Grey...or both.

*Le Sigh* My hearts desire. Indigo by Clarks, Paddington

Its hit or miss with this company... but their shoes stay comfortable forever.

And last but certainly not least- CAMPER!
I have some boots that are going on their second winter. Worth every cent.

love you, mean it.

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  1. I know right?! Check out these goddawful pieces of torture made by Christian Sorry-ano. Payless does not mean Painless.