Friday, February 6, 2009


My girl boner pick of the week is Bianca Jagger.  

Famed fashion icon of the 70's & Studio 54 fequenter.  Umm, she rode a frigging white horse into Studio 54 for her 32nd birthday!?!  How hot is that?  She met up with Mick after a "Rolling Stones concert in September 1970 in France" (wikipedia).  They were married one year later in Saint Tropez.  Her wedding suit launched decades of copy cats parading down the aisle.  The marriage lasted for seven years until she accused Mick of sleeping with model Jerry Hall (and he prolly did - scumbag).

After their divorce she visited Nicaragua and became heavily involved in human rights (wait, she's hot AND she cares about things?).  Since then she has collaborated with such groups as: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Coalition for International Justice, Indigenous Development International and People of the American Way (wikipedia).

Look at these pictures though!  Holy crap lips, smouldering eyes, flouncing locks.  Mos def worthy of worshiping.  As Garth would say: "Shwing!"

Pictures from:  photobucket, stureplan, bagsnob, smh

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