Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diet Coke Break

So my bf and I were just chatterboxing on the phone about a friend's diet, how dumb we think "dieting" is, jenny craig's fat ass etc.  Our serious perplextion was that our bro was still drinking Diet Soda.  We were talking about how counter-productive that is and I was like, "Hey, remember that lame pepsi commercial about those ladies running to the window, fawning over some hunk of construction man?" BF: "Yeah, I think that was coke."  WELL it was coke.  And you want to know what else.  Soda is gro gro.

It's basically like taking everything that is bad for you and cramming it into a tin tube, shoving it closed and then sprinkling rat feces over it.  If you drink soda - stop.  It's probably full of aspertame and babies and kitten brains or whatever it is you kids drink these days.

But you don't have to take my word for it.  Check out these fools.  They made a whole website full of different articles about why soda is bad for you.  Or as my Michiganian brethren call it: Pop.

Love you, mean it


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