Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She's Like, Smart

Okay okay.  So I know this isn't about fashion or food necessarily.  But I'm a woman and so is Barton.  And this well, it pertains to women.

I just discovered the blog "One D at a Time."  Being hilariously fascinated by the name I had to look.  I found the first entry both poignant and relevant for today.  A friend of mine is in a tiff with her significant other and this article is about the BAD decisions we all make when we're in a fight.  One is extreme, the other well, involves pee.  

I've been there (not with the water sports) but I've made bad decisions.  Said things I didn't mean just to hurt someone.  Was reactive & explosive.  Accusatory & overdramatic.  

Take 5 minutes and read it.

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