Sunday, November 8, 2009

New York

The East Coast was beautifully wet and dreary for the first day or so and let up when we were ready for adventure. We ate, took the subway, ate, took taxis and ate. A photo reflection:

We got a lot of coffee while we were in New York. La Colombe (Americano pictured above) was so beautiful with its huge windows, tiny tables and benches and gorgeous coffee mugs. It was the perfect stop between eating Gluten Free breadsticks (there were seven of them...I ate them all) and being American and going down to ground zero (I had never been.) 

After visiting the NY Moma we hopped over to Stumptown in the Ace Hotel. We decided that we could have stayed inside the hotel to explore for the entire trip. With a bar, and restaurant, coffee bar and a black and white photo booth, we felt we were in heaven. 
Apparently this bagel, cream-cheese, lox concoction from Russ and Daughters was the best thing Tyler ate all weekend, and we at some GOOD food, so I bet it was awesome. 

Oh ya. Stuffing my face with gluten free yumminess from Babycakes. I cant even tell you how good those pastries were. The highlight? Gluten Free DONUTS. I couldnt even speak for about 20 minutes because I was so happy. 

French Fries for dinner after one too many perfectly crafted alcoholic drinks at Death and Co. 

Phoebe + Brooklyn = Love

On our way to breakfast at Harefield Road
You ask: did you do anything besides eat?? 
Nope. Not really. 
Kitty cat sleeping in the bookstore. So many people were petting this cat- and it didn't care. 

We made dinner over at the lovely phoebe's house. Even though we ate the whole time we were there, we were still hungry for some home cooked goodness. There is nothing like making a meal from scratch with the people you love the most. 

love you, mean it. 


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