Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Etsy Finds

There was a part of me that had been resisting doing another etsy feature because the last time I got myself into a bit of trouble. 

I'm being a good girl this time. I promise. I hope.

I feel like my Etsy choices this time do not have much of a theme... do you see one? 

I love that it teeters between summer and fall...perfect for erratic San Francisco Weather.

Warm Skirts are my saviors.
CUTE! Little bow. (Can I have the sweater too?)

simple farmer's market sweater

I have lots of these...and I want more. 

This Dress is really beautiful. Haven't seen much like it. 


love you, mean it.



  1. Umm, do you want a bow like that? I could make you one. HELL! You could make you one. But I do love it too ;)