Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Acorn Squash

Heading into fall means slow cooking. That is any attempt to keep the house warm without using heat, hot home cooked meals that feed an army and long sessions of study time that are timed by the pie in the oven. 

A few years ago I discovered the glory of acorn squash. Its simple to make and its flavors are a comforting introduction to the colder seasons. I used to dread making it because it was really difficult to cut in half (how it seemed everyone wanted me to cook it) so I experimented last year by poking some holes in it and baking the whole thing for about a half hour until it was soft. Voila! Easy to cut in half, the seeds were a snap to scoop out and then laying the squash "meat" side down in some oil made it ready for eating in another 20 minutes. Gorgeous. 

The timing is approximated. The whole squash should be able to be punctured easily and the but the longer you let the cut in half version of the squash cook in the oil, the browner the edges get and the more like candy it will taste like. 

Welcome to fall.

Any questions?

Love you, Mean it.



  1. i made acorn squash last night!

    and pork sausage

    and blackened brussels sprouts

    and it was so fall-delicious.

    and i love you.