Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life is a Struggle... Eat Cake.

Perhaps you've noticed or maybe you haven't? Anyway, I'm a sucker for fashion food. I wasn't really sure how to define that but then I saw this photo:

A model wearing A.F. Vandevorst eating cake. Above the photo was the slogan: "Life is a struggle.. Eat cake."

The slogan is the title of a video art piece by Stephan Blaise, co-creator of motion media magazine FLY16x9. The piece aired at New York's MoMa recently (maybe you caught it?). The video shows 5 women trying to eat entire cakes in real time.

I love this for many reasons. One being that it reminds me of a video piece my friend Phil did while we were in school. In the video he tries (unsuccessfully) to eat 30 McDonald's hamburgers. It was beautiful and disgusting and great. Much like this video by Blaise.

Love you, mean it


P.S. Post inspired by Fashiontribes.

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