Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm never one to tell you what to do...

I have ranted about this before. But here I go again, for I am refining my thesis. 

 I feel very strongly about not giving into a trend that either (a) doesn't make you feel good about yourself (b) is ugly (c) makes you feel ugly (a+c are me. I'm already working on a post all about the difference. Hold tight.)

Since writing here, I pay even more attention to the fashion world than I did before. Its a bit different for me now with intriguing magazines either going out of print (or being too gosh-darn expensive to justify), the plethora of blogs and talented bloggers who find and create beautiful things everyday, and the sustainability of not just the planet but my pocket book. 

Me personally? I've always been a mall/store walker since I can remember. Studying fashion and lines and how certain clothes fall on certain body types. I could get lost in a mall as entertainment for a whole afternoon. So you can imagine how much fun I've had here following blogs and then having an outlet to let whomever is reading this to know what I think and what I find. But when it comes to trends, I feel strongly about not following what is in, but following what you like and what makes you feel good. 

Lately I've been into classic looks and clothing that will last: I like the dresses that fit to my hips and the colors that seamlessly go from season to season. The shoes that have out lasted trends and the fabrics that go from breakfast to the park to the bar. And those trends that are highlighting the femininity of legs and arms. Its the dress that I could wear daily because of the feeling and confidence that comes from getting compliments all day long.

Maybe its my age, but I feel that now is the time. A pivotal moment in fashion where (wo)man has come full circle and we get to play with the last 6 decades and make them our own. We're in a time of great trend setting and trend refurbishment and some of styles that are resurfacing fill me with glee. Some styles as of late are ones that could last for a long time (but I may be naive.) 

We've gone from skinny jeans to bootleg to bellbottoms and then back to bootlegs and skinny jeans. And now they're all back in the best way: We get to choose! Choose your own adventure! When I look at the street fashion blogs I not only see what is in style, I see personal style. Touches that no one has thought of or an accessory that makes the person in it feel like an individual. Fashion could be restricting, but we have this chance to take fashion and give it a body. Its not about fashion, its about expression and the expression is that of ourselves.

This post/rant was prompted by an article in Refinery29 in which six gorgeous fall outfits are chosen as the most desirable and most fashionable. I wanted to disagree with at least one of them for some personal validation of my passion for individuality, comfort and stand against "trend," but DAMN IT, they're good. 

Here is a little taste...

I guess what I'm trying to say is... to be continued...

love you, mean it.


  1. good points sister mine. also, tim gunn said it best: it's all about style not trend. yay!