Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bailey Lassoes The Moon

I encourage you to open this to a new window while you read this.

I aspire to one day own a nice trench coat. Not some crap from H&M (what I can currently afford) but a nice european-spy-looking-thing.

Christopher Bailey, head designer for Burberry had 700,000 people respond to his twitter updates after their spring 2010 line aired. And he was like wtf - why not make my own social networking site?!

That site is called art of the trench.

Fans and Burberry owners everywhere can post pictures of themselves (or other attractive people) wearing trench coats. Others can either view details of the photo, "like" the photo, comment on it or share it depending on their current fancy (what? I love british people)(and their snaggy teef). One may also connect with facebook to post their picture(s).

The site also features a history of the trench coat that - if I do say so myself - is actually pretty cool.

Here are a handful of my favorite photos so far:

So can someone buy me a trench coat already so that I can post pictures of myself and increase my self-indulgence pts?

I swear to you. One day this will work.

Love you, mean it


p.s. post inspiration from WWd

p.p.s. music by the kooks "sofa song."