Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Satisfying Cravings

The only times I've been brought to tears because of my body's inability to digest glutenous products (and dairy, for that matter) is when I want pizza. Hot, gooey, salty, spicy, EASY pizza. You can get a decent slice anywhere and voila! You're full and happy. Eat it with your hands, in fact! If you eat it with a fork and knife, its considered rude. 

To get a slice of gluten free pizza one must travel far and wide and shell over their soul and their first born. 

I used Bob's Red Mill whole grain pizza dough mix. It was just about $4 and it tasted great! It is supposed to make two pizzas, but I got excited and made the first pizza a bit too thick, which meant that I had a strange amount of dough left over. 

Homemade pizza sauce, sautéed onions and zucchini, and a drizzle of goat cheese, lightly dusted with black pepper and red pepper flakes.

I decided to experiment and make some rolls with the left over dough. They were SO yummy. Way better warm and fresh, but when toasted the next day, tasted just as good! 

They were light a crusty- a rarity in the GF world. 

Finn watching me eat from the other side of the window. Meowing at me, no less. 

love you, mean it. 


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