Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Braid Envy

I'm supposed to be sleeping right now because I am working at midnight tonight but I've got 8 billion things running through my brain. That's the way it usually goes. I'm bad at napping.
Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about another frustration of mine. i.e. I told you that to tell you this: I can't french braid my hair. I know the basic theory of it but can never quite get it to work. It may have something to do with the fact that my hair is layered so it sticks out of braids in tiny unruly points. Like little horns.
One cannot deny the obvious braid trend right now.
It's everywhere. Like all the Heidi's of the Hills I can never be. For those of you who didn't read the book when they were children: Heidi was like this little Swedish nymph who wore her hair in braids over her head like a crown. She frolicked in the mountains all day and played with animals. I'm totes hells jeals. But mostly about her braids (and maybe the animals).
My favorite braid (that I think I could maybe accomplish) is Chloe Sevigny's messy Heidi hair:
It's from an article in my favorite now debunked magazine MissBehave. I actually found one of the issues that I didn't have kickin it at the gym this past weekend. I was so excited I almost squirted! But it brought back the whole braid debacle like yesterday's dinner. Am I ever to have lovely lady locks like Chloe? Or Heidi? What's a girl to do?
Love you, mean it


  1. i wish we took pictures when i braided your hair. -b

  2. My sister just sent me this link today! No frenching required! Wait, is it weird to mention your sister in conjunction with frenching?