Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Gluten Free Pie (of the season)

I always find the first pie of the season to be extremely difficult to do successfully. Too wet, too dry or just...not. The combination of flours (this video is ADORABLE, by the way) is extensive and seems to take a subtle feel and intuition. For some reason I have no desire to make pie outside November-February and I find that every time I take this hiatus I press the restart button and need to hone in on my pie making ability. 

Something to note about gluten free pie is that the dough doesn't look the same; Most gluten free baking, for that matter, looks nothing like typical wheat flour baking. Its one of those things that Gluten Free people realize early on: if you're expecting it to taste (or look) the same, you'll always be sorely disappointed, but if you think of it as a completely different entity with its own perks, tastes, and quality you'll enjoy every bite. (unless your pie crust was as dry as my first batch- woops!)

I used Gluten Free Girl's recipe this time and I'm looking forward to going through my rolodex of pie recipes to improve and maybe this year I'll write down what I did...

and after I work on my own recipe i'll post that one. 

This was actually a sweet potato pie. I find pumpkin takes a lot of sugar to make it actually taste good, and sweet potato can go without much else but a tablespoon or two of agave.
love you, mean it.


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