Sunday, February 7, 2010

Attention Significant Others:

Do you realize you only have 7 days to get your partner something for Valentines Day? Well, be ye bestfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend or foe, I did all the work for you. Now just click on one of these links below and buy us something! No really.

For Her:

What Valentines Day would be complete without a visit from the Weiner. What? Erika Weiner's jewelry rules. She makes everything that I wish I could. This necklace is Slavic for "Remembrance." Buy it for $65 from her site.

This is one of my newest favorite etsy shops. Thevamoose features super cute jewelry at inexpensive prices. Buy this pyrite necklace here for only $14!

This lace bib would be perfect for that total party princess you know. Umm, who doesn't want to be guzzling down her second bottle of wine while simultaneously bragging about not spilling a drop on her lovely white neck adornment? Yeah, me too. Buy this for me.. I mean.. your lady friend here for only $7.50. She's got like 18 zillion other lacey bits on her site if this one doesn't quite tickle your fancy.

One of my darling friends at school made this lovely piece. She was also hand-choosen to be in a Pixar Holiday Craft Show this year so you know she's awesome. Let this little birdie fly into your heart here for $38.

What? A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone. These earrings are darling and only $16. Find them here.

This is also one of my favorite etsy stops on the web-o-meter. This gal custom-makes pretty much every saying your heart could wish for like: "who dat ninja," "mom off-it," "" or any romantic saying you could think of. Find her wares here. You may find this one to be priced at $58.

Sometimes we are just looking for someone to tell us how they feel. For once! This dainty note will only run you $6. Find you here. No one will think you're lame if you tell us we're rad. Promise.

For Him:

Okay, so it's a gift for you too? This hand-knit cashmere twosie is giving me a toothache (RIP). It was also featured in Bust's top Valentines gifts. Find it here for $35.

This is so cool I've already bought it - in mug form. I got it for my sweetie for our anniversary.. Last year? The years run together ;) Find it from FoldedPigs here for $28.

These are super cute and can be custom made to fit whatever it one-word you want to tell your dood. Find it here for $20.

Yeah, sorry! But this one rules! I sorta wanted it for myself but oh well. This lovely little guy will run you almost $12 here.

For Your Homey:

If I had $220 bones - gurl you know I'd be gettin this for you! Alas, I don't. But if you do, you are sure to have a friend for life. Find this necklace courtesy of In God We Trust.

Hope you got some good ideas! Now hurry up and have a Happy Valentines Day!

Love you, mean it



  1. thanks for looking out, ladyfriend.

    hows about that bottle of champagne?

  2. didn't even consider that one - good call. you get none of the above tho - extra special secret present for you!!! my rents are coming into town this weekend :D !